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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  February 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. it wasn't a snow but ice that delayed and even closed several school districts in the area today. most of the area roads were in pretty good shape. walking around proved difficult for most. jennifer franciotti is live in north baltimore with more on that what looks now.
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any improvement? >> i would say so, because that is the freezing mist is gone. even though the temperatures are still chilly, the glaze on parking lots and sidewalks is also gone. it was different this morning when folks woke up to ice. in winter weather, a full tank of gas and when shall the wiper fluid is essential. >> driving, had the windshield wiper fluid. it is harder to see with the snow and ice. >> a steady drizzle in the early morning hours created quite an illusion, salted roads that looked wet, i stop in spots that cause problems for commuters. >> all the way from frederick to baltimore county. >> a dangerous deglaze began to form, deceiving goes walking on treated services like the sidewalks and parking lots.
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it made a simple act very tricky. >> why it wasn't quite as bad, but now? you have got to be careful walking on the sidewalks. no salt. you've got to be real careful. >> walking is bad, real bad. it is all ice -- >> scary? >> it is. it is really bad. >> on a day like this, salt is like gold. >> try not to slip. misguided eight minutes before we caught up with him on camera. -- like this guy did it minutes before we caught up with him on camera. >> it is slippery. >> slippery enough that it is not a great day for a walk. >> slippery, extremely slippery.
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like skiing, not that i've ever been is being. >> what happened to both of you? >> we fell. get out of snow shovel. >> take out the good issues. maybe use spikes or something. >> spikes but definitely not stiletto heels, not in this kind of weather. people we talked to would rather deal with the snow and ice any day. it looks like we are in for around two. denver franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. -- jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> jennifer, we are, because the main area of low pressure has not passed through the area yet. temperatures tomorrow will rise at a more rapid pace. still at below freezing at the airport right now. nothing happening with this addition on hd doppler and now.
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-- with pcipitation on hd doppler now read a major blizzard in kansas city, missouri, down into the deep south. all that has passed through to the east. that is what we are going to be contending with in the overnight hours tonight. it wintry mix with rain later on tomorrow. we had the advisory in effect until noon, but then the winter storm watch goes into effect for areas north of baltimore could baltimore and areas north tonight at 9:00 through tomorrow morning. we are expecting more of the same. we could see a shower or two this afternoon. 32 to 37 the temperature range. still freezing out at the airport. below freezing in annapolis. if there is standing water, it means slippery conditions. details tonight. stay tuned. >> oh, boy. with many of the school district's closing today, we wanted to look at how many snow
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days the counties have used and how many they have left. here is what tim tooten found anne arundel county has four schedule the dates and used two. they have two left. and one of town has five days and is used four, leaving just -- just anne arundel county has five days and has used four, leaving just wanted carol gad -- carroll county as four days and as used 6, meaning they are two in the hole. howard county is not built in the snow days. it would just add that is used at the end of the school year. the region is gearing up for a potentially deadly mix of sleet, snow, and i stood up to two feet of snow was forecast -- sleet, snow, and ice. up to two feet of snow was forecast for se areas. >> the will rogers airport was
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turned into a ghost town, leaving authorities suggesting that people get around it by any alternative means, including not getting around at all. >> until the bottom falls out of it, there is no keeping up with it. >> damaging ice is forecast across a 15-mile swath of the country. a damaging storm across texas, midsections of the country into the northeast. nearly half by country is under some kind of weather advisory. schools are closed all across the midwest. this was the scene in omaha, nebraska. no vehicle was unsafe, not even this school bus. in southern minnesota, 12 inches of snow has closed schools and made roads impassable. in denver, the storm may not be unusual, but it is no less frustrating. >> my arms are sore. >> folks are crowding into cross
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restores and stocking up to hunker down. -- into grocery stores and stocking up to haunt her down. >> we are potentially dealing with a storm of historic proportions. >> no one is taking chances. the fire department is bringing in 50 snowmobiles for firefighters to get on top of what could be 20 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. obviously, a lot of flights canceled at chicago's o'hare airport. southwest airlines, a major carrier at chicago's midway airport, has canceled all upcoming flight spirit in dallas right now, the airport there i s reopened after several hours. >> as weather conditions change, stay with 11 news. we will have the latest on the developing story on 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00, and we will be bright and early tomorrow morning for a special edition of 11 news today beginning at 4:30. coming up, the latest on the unrest in egypt. details on what could be the
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biggest day of demonstrations so far. carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer the plant and gardening questions. e-mail your questions to paul [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best.
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>> officials in washington are monitoring what could be the biggest day of demonstrations so
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far in egypt. organizers are calling for 1 million people to march through the streets of cairo to the presidential palace, calling for the resignation of egyptian president hosni mubarak. authorities have shut down roads, highways, trains and buses to cairo. charter flights arranged by the u.s. state department continue today. hundreds of americans have been airlifted to save locations so far. the woman known as g.i. jane -- jihad jane is said to plead guilty. she is accused of committing murder in the name of a holy war. she has pleaded not guilty, but court documents show she is said to change her plea in federal court in philadelphia charges include conspiracy and material support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill and a foreign
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country. brace yourself for higher for prices this year. we will explain why the weather is to blame. >> it is certainly to blame for a lot of inconvenience. slippery conditions this morning. things have cleared out where we are located. what does this mean for us? i have the forecast just ahead dreary conditions outside 32 degrees at the airport. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer the plant and gardening questions. emailed into
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that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. plus i get two boxtops for their school. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh >> in this afternoon's consumer alert, the recession is affecting just about everyone in some way. until now, inflation has been modest. higher prices are hitting a lot of people in a way that is hard to avoid.
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the cost of food. >> this farmer has kept most of his prices the same over the past couple of years, but lately he has raised prices of broccoli and brussels sprouts to keep pace with the rising cost to grow them. he is careful not to make the prices too high. >> at some point we will raise ay "irice when people st really don't need that." >> according to the department of agriculture, overall prices increased 0.8% from 2009 to 2010, but this year they are expected to go up to% to 3%, and shoppers are reacting. >> it limits the amount of money put in my budget for shopping. >> if the strawberries are $3.99 and blueberries are $1.50, i will go for blueberries. >> or fresh fruit prices went up
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in december during by rising fuel and labor costs. >> bringing more volume out to the customers and also to restaurant owners and all this other stuff actually brings in a little bit more money. >> resisting price increases could be tough this year if costs continue to go up. egg prices are a year to year. -- up year to year. >> now the 11 insta-weather-plus of forecast with sandra shaw. >> what a way to start the month of february. things have dissipated as far as precipitation goes, but it was defined drizzle and by sea mist that caused problems. we have a significant activity as we expand the view on hd doppler. the heart of this system is a major blizzard in places like kansas city, missouri, down to the deep south. it extends all the way into the midwest and into the northeast, where they are getting pummeled
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with more snow in new england. the heart of the system has to pass through the main wave of low pressure has not gotten through yet. that will happen tonight or tomorrow. that's look at what we're dealing with as far as temperatures go. temperatures right now are freezing at the airport. a little above the outlying suburbs. the magnitude of the system really says it all. blizzards near the great lakes and northern plains. we have warnings as far as ice in winter weather goes. for us, we have all winter storm watch that goes into effect at 9:00 tonight. the white easy here is the winter weather advisory. this matter has not fully updated. to our north, a little more significant bit more icing to the north just across the state line. we are going to see some incoming warmer air by tomorrow. that will save us a little bit. as i mentioned, the temperature
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generally right around freezing. just a little bit above downtown college park, 34. we are still wide and freezing at the airport. any damage from this morning with a drizzle and missed will be frozen. 32 to 37 at best. it looks like we will see pretty much steady with the cloud cover in the lower 30s this afternoon. freezing rain and sleet developing from midnight and lasted maybe until about 3:00 a.m. before we see a nice shift in the wind and temperature is. 2534 overnight tonight. it is all about the movement of the major system across the east. we will see that we freeze of any standing water out there and the development of more freezing rain and sleet at least for about a three-hour window. as far as futurecast goes, here is what it shows about timetables. at 1:00, we are starting to see some wetness.
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the heavier badges will be the blue. the darker green easy is sleet and ice. it's not really out of here until midmorning or fully by afternoon. one more day of the storm system. 80% chance of icing early on. the winter storm watch does not expire until tomorrow morning. thursday will be breezy in the wake of the system. on friday, we will see increasing clouds, a prelude to yet another wintry mix. another message chance for messy weather. -- another messy chance for a messy weather. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer the plant and gardening questions. how was your right in today? >> it was fine. the walk to my car was rough. >> i'm glad you made it in
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safely. what did you bring? >> this has out pinkish stem more red stem. most chinese evergreens are green on the green. >> i love it. i never thought of matching the pot with my plant. >> it is not too tough to work in a greenhouse this time of year, just saying. [laughter] >> i am sure it depends on the plant. >> it dies. -- it does. some plants will need more. try to find out what that is. in my house and dining room, there are two lights shining down. i even have a light shelf where smaller plants grow. they need to stay on for 12-14 hours a day. >> a certain amount of wattage?
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>> not necessarily wattage, but there are different wavelengths for different plants and aquariums. it is make sure the wattage matches up. -- just make sure the watch matches up. i would be surprised if you could make it happen. the basil you might get away with. keep cutting it back a little bit. give it as much as sunshine as you possibly can and watched the water. moist like a squeezed out a sponge. you know, again, it depends on the plant. if you easily get it off with a broom or whenever, go for it, or take out a pair of pruning shears. you may want to be careful and let it melt off. >> thank you for being here.
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good luck getting home. if you have problems, if you have a plant or gardening question, i should say, you can e-mail it as well as send pictures to -- in this afternoon's "medical alert," you can find it almost any cabinet or first-aid kit. gauze is what many of us know how to use. there is a new type for the military and police and emergency crews. it was even used at the recent shooting in tucson. developers say it saves lives. >> a white cloth small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough to save lives. >> in the shooting in tucson, this product was used by police. >> quick and-combat gauze is
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being credited for saving lives in the tucson shootings and the shooting rampage at fort hood last year. the chief medical officer of the company that makes that gauze says it is not your typical bandage. >> it absorbs blood and cleans up wins, and at the same time, they permit the clotting -- promotes the clotting process so it stops bleeding very quickly. >> it looks like any kind of gauze, but add to the fibers is a mineral that stops bleeding rapidly. >> the nice thing about this product is that it does not take any specialized medical training. if you have it won't come up with this in. >> up next, the maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing.
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>> now time for your maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon. your pick 3 numbers are -- before the pick four game, don't miss your chance to win ravens seats for life and other great
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fantasy prices. go to and -- february 8 at. 10:00 a.m. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> one last check of the forecast. >> one more day of this, and tomorrow will be a little bit better. i don't think duration will be as much of an issue. we will see a few hours, ice after midnight, and then it should transition to right. -- rain. in the low 30's still could after that, a couple dry days before a wintry mix on saturday.
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>> thank you for joining us. >> watch tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and stan stovall.
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